Drug And Alcohol Testing

Dakota Safety Strategies offers a wide range of drug and alcohol testing. Drug testing is not just for big corporations any more, it is for anyone that wants a safe and sober workplace. All collectors are DOT certified, and they are continuously trained and tested. We pride ourselves in the professionalism and integrity of our collectors.

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DOT and non-dot Alcohol Testing

About 20% of employees have reported that another coworker’s on or off-the-job drinking has compromised their workplace safety stated by the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence. Dakota Safety Strategies uses Phoenix 6.0 breath alcohol testers to give the most accurate result to our clients as possible. With these instruments being calibrated every two weeks, we can ensure the reliability of our tests.

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Drug Testing

According to the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, over 70% of illegal drug users are employed. Dakota Safety Strategies can provide a variety of different instant tests to suit your needs. We are affiliated with many TPAs and we can become affiliated if we are not already. Our electronic CCFs partnerships with FormFox and eScreen can expedite the testing process and can lower the risk of human error.

Vanguard Test Panel is coming soon! It will be able to test over 200 synthetic drugs.


Substance Abuse Professional(SAP)

Dina Goodman, MS, LAC is a licensed addiction conselor who is certified through NAADAC as a SAP. Dakota Safety Strategies is partnered with her to help your DOT staff become compliant again after a non-negative drug or alcohol test. If you are in need of a SAP evaluation, call Dina at 701-852-3869 or visit her website, https://substance-abuse-professional.business.site/ .